Here are outreach events that our team organize and run. Some of these events we have been doing for years, and some are events that we just started. We are always working hard to create more events to expand our influence and spread the interest of STEM into our local, provincial, and national community.



On January 17th, 2018 our team was able to showcase our 2016-2017 competition robot NEMO on the national stage. Available to over 11 million people across the country, this segment of The Zone on YTV helped us reach out to young viewers and show them how cool robotics is and discuss how they could get involved in the FIRST program. To watch a clip of the segment, click Here



For the past few years, we have been going to elementary school fairs in our community to inspire students at those schools to get involved with robotics and STEM. We talk to parents and their children and explain to them what FIRST is all about, and how they could get involved. We also bring our robots to show the kids what they might have the opportunity to build if they decide to join the FIRST program.




For the past many years, our team has been a part of the Canadian National Exhibition's Innovation Garage. It happens during the opening weekend of the CNE and there are many booths displaying various inventions and innovations made by different companies and businesses. Our team is one of the booths being displayed, and we talk to people about our team and demonstrate what our robots can do. We also have a table in our booth where we display the LEGO Robotics that young kids can get involved with. In 2018, we were able to set up and host a robotics offseason event where other robotics teams were invited to compete against each other. We hope to continue this offseason event for many years to come.



Every year, members of our team are hired by the Town of Oakville to become counselors for their weekly robotics summer camps. The members of our team receive the same training from the Town of Oakville that all other summer camp counselors receive, and have the skills to both teach robotics and create an exciting camp experience.



Each summer, Oakville closes off its main downtown street to vehicles and opens it up to people to walk on the road, and shops stay open until midnight. Various shops and businesses also put booths up for people to go up to and talk to. Our team sets up a booth every year, and we demonstrate our robot and get families interested in our program and hopefully inspire local kids to join our team in the future.



For the past few years, our team has helped organize this awards ceremony that unites FIRST Teams across Oakville. It is an opportunity to congratulate teams on their accomplishments. It is also when we recognize the individuals who have promoted STEAM within the community. It occurs at Oakville's town hall and local politicians are invited to be recognized and continue to call Oakville the First FIRST Community.



Each year we participate in Oakville's Santa Claus Parade. We build a big float at the school and send team members out to promote our robotics team in our community. It is a fun event that brings the team together, and gets our name out in the community and brings out the holiday spirit.