Our Mentors


Mr. Chuck Woods, Lead Mentor

Mr. Woods is the technology and shop teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School. "I have been a tool and die maker and mould maker for the last 20 years. I have developed products and systems in many areas of industry from conception through prototyping and manufacturing. I am a successful and creative person with strong organizational and problem solving skills, qualities that seem to fit well in FIRST®. When I started with FIRST, I had no clue as to the depth and breadth of this after-school program. After joining and seeing firsthand the diversity of the members and the complex tasks that they accomplish, I knew I wanted to contribute to this program. I have a good knowledge of SolidWorks (a 3-dimensional modeling package) and Mastercam (software to control Computer Numberical Control (CNC) equipment). I see FIRST Robotics as a critical program to develop the leaders of tomorrow and I look forward to seeing them achieve great things."


Mrs. Mandy Walsh

Mrs. Walsh has been a part of our team as a non-technical mentor for 2 years. She helps out with media, business and team organization. She has a Commerce degree from Dalhousie University.


Mr. Andrew Palmer

Mr Palmer is a technology and computer engineering teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School. He is a returning mentor to the team and has been a mentor for the team for several years.


David Chataway

David is one of our technical mentors. This is his first year with the team. He helps out with programming and electrical as well as in the shop. He is a recent graduate from Queen's in engineering.


Katlin Walsh

Katlin is a team alumni. She participated on the team for 2 years, and presently helps out with non-technical aspects of the team. She is currently at Sheridan College for Interaction Design.


Eric Morden

Eric is a team alumni. He participated on the team for 4 years and was the team co-captain in his Grade 11 year. He currently helps with the non-technical aspects of the team. He is currently taking a GAP year and will be heading to university next year.