2011-2012 - Rebound Rumble



Integrated Synchronous Allocator of Balls Engineered for Long-range Lofted Alley-oops


In Rebound Rumble, robots play basketball on two alliances of 3 teams each. There are 4 basketball nets at each end of the field with a steel barrier extending across the middle of the court. There are also 3 balancing bridges that extend across this barrier, linking the two sides of the court. In the first 15 seconds, robots must score autonomously and then are taken over by human control. At the end of the game, robots can balance on the bridges earning them bonus points. Balancing 2 or more robots gets extra points.




  • 6-wheel tank drive
  • Middle wheel dropped 3/32" lower than the outside wheels
  • 6-inch AndyMark high-performance aluminum billet wheels with rough-top tread
  • AndyMark Super Shifters with optional gearing, 2 CIMs each, single action pneumatic shifting
  • Geared for approximately 4 and 16 feet per second
  • Direct drive to the center wheel axle

Ball Handling

  • Rounthane belts control balls from floor to shooter
  • Electronic eyes control whether the roundthane can move, ensuring that we can carry the max, only 3 balls


  • Four 4-inch AndyMark performance aluminum billet wheels shoot the ball
  • Fed by rounthane rollers for consistent shooting
  • Has motorized tilt and pan for high performance
  • Vision tracking allows for accurate line up of the pan and tilt

Field Traversing

  • 45 degree cut at the front of the chassis to allow for traversing the barrier
  • Drop-down angle is an extension of the chassis deployed to bring down the bridge
  • Bridge traversing mechanism is designed to knock the bridge upward as well



At Waterloo, we were selected into the #5 alliance with FIRST Teams 1310 and 2702. We were defeated in quarterfinal action. The team won the Entrepreneurship Award and the Industrial Safety Award. This was our first time winning both of these awards.



At the Greater Toronto West Regional, our performance improved such that we were sixth seed out of 55 teams and were the captain the #5 alliance joined by FIRST Teams 2013 and 772. After very tough action, we lost in the quarterfinals. The team won the Gracious Professionalism Award and Mr. Wilks was named the Woodie Flowers Finalist.