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FIRST® Team 1334 is a high school robotics team established in 2003, located at Oakville Trafalgar High School in beautiful Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Each year, we design and build a robot to compete in the FIRST® Robotics Competition. It’s a very exciting and rewarding opportunity consisting of events that showcase all the hard work and effort we put into building our robot.

Our team is comprised of different sub teams such as build, design, business, and programming.  We strive to create a safe and enjoyable environment where those interested in science, technology, media and business can build intellect and character by developing individual and team skills such as teamwork and leadership. We also participate in many community outreach events throughout the year to promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art through creativity and Math) in our community. For more information about our team, click here

We would like to give a big thank you to our sponsors and mentors! None of this would be possible without their continuous support!

Upcoming Events

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  • Southwest International Offseason Event - October 28 @ St. Clair College
  • STEMley Cup Championship - November 11 @ St. Mary Catholic Secondary School

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    On the weekend of April 7th - 9th our team competed at the McMaster University District Event. The mascot was out interacting with people, and there was excitement in the pits and on the field. At the end of qualification we were ranked 9th with a score of 8 wins and 4 losses. This ranking lead us to becoming an alliance captain for the 7th place alliance where we were able to pick other teams to join us in the elimination round. We put up a hard fight in the quarterfinals but lost in a third tie-breaking match. Mr. Woods was nominated for the prestigious Woodie Flowers Award, which is an award that recognizes mentors who lead, inspire and empower using excellent communication skills. One of our students, Aaron Leszkowitz was recognized as a Dean's List semi-finalist. Dean’s List is an award to recognize the leadership and dedication of FIRST’s most outstanding secondary school students. Both Mr. Woods and Aaron will move on to the District Championships where they can win these awards for all of Ontario.


    On the weekend of March 24th - 26th our team competed at the Georgian College District Event. We had a great time meeting new people, making new friends, and having many laughs. We were ranked 24th after qualifications, with a score of 5 wins and 7 loses. We were chosen as the second pick on the 7th place alliance and were knocked out of quarterfinals in a tiebreaker after 4 well played matches. Our pit crew was working diligently to fix any problems with the bots that happened between matches, and our drive team was strategizing with our alliance partners before every match. Our media team was taking pictures and videos to document the entire trip and making posts and videos for our social medias. Our scouting team was hard at work scouting every bot for every match to help us decide alliance partners for the playoffs. It was a fun weekend full of competition, strategy, music, and dancing.


    On February 21st we stayed in the shop until close to midnight doing final work on our robot. "NEMO" (Nicely Engineered Master of Offence) has been put in the bag, and will stay there until our first competition at Georgian College in Barrie. It has been a long 6 weeks of build season and everyone has put in a ton of hard work. We want to thank all our amazing sponsors for helping support and fund our team, parents for supplying dinners our committed mentors who love the robots just as much as we do, and all the hours our members have put in to make this possible. Extra special thanks to our lead mentor Mr.Woods. We wouldn't be anywhere without him and his "positive" humour. It was a season full of laughs, friends and fun and we are looking forward to our competition in 4 weeks.


    On January 7th 2017 robotics teams across Halton went to Craig Kielburger Secondary School in Milton at 9am to learn about this year's FIRST Robotics Competition game. After the game reveal there was a session where each individual team meets to discuss strategy and how they to approach the game. The next day, OT Robotics had a brainstorming session at Maple Grove United Church from 12:30 - 6:oo PM to put together more ideas.

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    FIRST - For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology is an organization that promotes teamwork and collaboration among engineers. FIRST assists students to learn science and technology though robotics competitions.

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